A pair of large Japanese bronzes of Raijin and Fujin (Raiden and Fudin) (1880, Japan)

Date 1880
Ref No 1s20
Description A pair of large Japanese bronzes with a dark chestnut coloured patina, depicting Raijin and Fujin, (also known as Raiden and Fuden) demon gods of thunder, lightning and wind.

Raijin is on the right beating a drum, it is likely to be Fujin on the left playing a flute, though he is often depicted with a large sack of wind. Despite their fearsome appearance they are often in humorous situations such as falling from the sky, wrestling, fixing broken drums or balancing on one leg trying to knock each other over.

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Condition perfect
Price Price on application
Width 16.00"
Height 37.00"
Depth 12.00"